The Cool Kid Jacket 

My youngest sister is 8 years younger than me and I can’t understand a single word she says. Either she came from another planet, or I am just really out of touch. She’s always saying things like “sauce me that” (translation: toss me that), or “got me right in the feels” (that made me emotional, or empathetic)… My favourite lately is when she says “that ___ is so Tumblr”. Basically, she refers to somethings cool-factor in terms of its resemblance to Tumblr images of L.A. teens.

With that being said, I found some unloved items in my wardrobe and decided to refashion them into a jacket that my 17 year old sister would appreciate. Check it out:


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Colonial Woman Churning Butter Shirt

This dress made me laugh when I found it. It had this exaggerated pleated collar and just hung in all the wrong places. When I originally put it on I instantly thought of creepy pioneer villages or that other Harry Potter movie, “Woman in Black” or whatever…. Anyway, check it out!


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Ugly Green Button-Down

My favourite thrift store has regular 50% off sales, which is awesome, despite the crowds of stingy people (like myself). I was so frustrated by the lack of elbow space and screaming kids that I just started grabbing patterns and fabrics that caught my eye. I didn’t actually se what I bought until I got home… Anyway, out of that very frustrating trip, came this very delightful shirt!


Vintage Inspired Skull Shirt

Ok so I found this shirt at a 50% off sale at a consignment store… it’s not my style AT ALL and to be frank, I really regretted buying it. To make it worse, it was about two sizes too big. I decided to give it a new life…


1. I picked a comfortable neckline location and proceeded to cut the collar off.
2. I then cut the sleeves off at the preferred length (making sure they were even)
3. Next I made a long sash out of the sleeves which I attached to the neck.
4. Finally, I took the side seams in a bit to make it more flattering.

 I absolutely LOVE this shirt now! I pair it with this adorable red midi skirt (pictures soon to come!).