The Cool Kid Jacket 

My youngest sister is 8 years younger than me and I can’t understand a single word she says. Either she came from another planet, or I am just really out of touch. She’s always saying things like “sauce me that” (translation: toss me that), or “got me right in the feels” (that made me emotional, or empathetic)… My favourite lately is when she says “that ___ is so Tumblr”. Basically, she refers to somethings cool-factor in terms of its resemblance to Tumblr images of L.A. teens.

With that being said, I found some unloved items in my wardrobe and decided to refashion them into a jacket that my 17 year old sister would appreciate. Check it out:


1. Carefully cut the sleeves & collar off of the button-down.
2. Place the button-down over the hoodie and thread the sleeves through the arm holes.
3. Pin the shirts together and stitch them into place.
4. I wanted this to be a light-weight jacket, so I cut the bodice portion of the hoodie out and serged the inside seams to leave just the waistband, hood, and sleeves.

Ok, as you can see by this picture, it’s starting to take shape, but it still just looks like a vest over a hoodie… This is what I did to take it to the next level…

1. Take the sleeves that you cut off from the button-down and work them into pockets. I used the old seam as an accent on the front and sewed boxed corners on the bottom of the pocket to give it an extra-military feel.
2. Then, I replaced all the buttons with large snaps.

  The goal: make my sister say, “Hey sis, sauce me that jacket! It’s SO Tumblr!” 


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