Ugly Green Button-Down

My favourite thrift store has regular 50% off sales, which is awesome, despite the crowds of stingy people (like myself). I was so frustrated by the lack of elbow space and screaming kids that I just started grabbing patterns and fabrics that caught my eye. I didn’t actually se what I bought until I got home… Anyway, out of that very frustrating trip, came this very delightful shirt!


1. I turned it around on the Judy.
2. I chopped the collar off and finished the edge.
3. I pleated the shoulders to make it fit nicer.

Annnnnddddd done!

 **Disclaimer** I learned very quickly that the buttons on the back needed to be reinforced with some stitching. After wearing this at work, I leaned against a pillar and 3 of the 5 buttons opened up to reveal my bra to all of my colleagues. Oops LOL!

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